After sale service

After sale service


All certified LUME products are covered by a 2-Years Warranty. Our Warranty will cover any manufacturing defects you may encounter with your frames.

This warranty will not cover damages caused by 

1. Commercial use 

2. Wear and tear, or misuse or customer negligence. Customer negligence is characterized by any damages caused by indirect, direct, or incidental actions and/or circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to: collision, fire, spilled food or liquid, abuse, improper or unauthorized repair, alteration, unusual stress, or improper modifications. If a product is returned with removed, damaged, or tampered labels, we will not be able to provide any warranty services.

To submit a repair request for your damaged frames, please writie and explain your problem to e-mail at

If you choose to send your product in to our Repair Department, please e-mail us at to notify us of your incoming package. In your e-mail, please use the subject line “REPAIR” and include:

• A photo of your Authenticity Certificate Card
• A photo of your receipt or invoice (if purchased from one of our Official retailer, please provide some form of proof-of-purchase).
• A quality photo of the area(s) of damage.

Our Customer Support team will notify you of the next steps in the procedure.

Repair services may take 6-8 weeks in some cases we will have to extend the time, depending on the condition of the product, what components are necessary to fulfill the repair, and the delivery time once the process is


Damage that is not covered under our 2-Years Warranty can still be serviced, however, such repairs will not be complimentary. Charges may apply for repairs if our Quality Assurance Department concludes that any damage is characterized by misuse or mishandling on the part of the customer. 

In such instances, we will always seek your confirmation and consent before proceeding with any repair services.

In the case that you choose to decline a repair service, LUME  will ship the product back to your provided shipping address. Return shipping costs may apply if the Authenticity Certificate Card is not provided with your product upon its arrival.

If you need any further clarification on the repair process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  for guidance throughout your request.