Lumici Navrhujou

LUME products are both handcrafted and manufactured by state-of-art technologies in Czech Republic, using the highest quality materials. To ensure long-term satisfaction with your glasses, please read the following instructions for the care and use of your glasses.

To maintain the perfect look of your LUME space steel frames, you should clean them completely and regularly using either the LUME cleaning cloth provided or another gentle, grease-removing lens cleaning cloth. 

Please note that over time, even with careful care, deposits may accumulate in the small grooves between glass and frame that cannot be reached and removed completely with just the cleaning cloth. These deposits are the result of contact between the glasses and, for example, the skin, cosmetic products, creams and so on. In this case, or whenever you feel the glasses are not properly adjusted, please consult your LUME glasses Retailer. The authorised retailer can professionally disassemble, clean the glasses and replace all silicon parts to return the glasses to you in perfect condition. 

Furthermore, the retailer can also check the fit of the frame and, if necessary, make the appropriate adjustments so that the technical function of the glasses is correct and the optimal fit maintained. Special tools are required for the assembly of LUME stainless steel frames. Adjustment of the glasses should not be entrusted to a technician who does not use these tools. Using harsh detergent for cleaning is strongly discouraged as this can attack and damage the coating, the silicon and plastic parts as well as the lens itself. It is also not recommended to clean your glasses under running water as liquid can collect in the grooves between lens and frame or screwless hinges and may, over time, lead to undesirable deposits.

Regular cleaning of the frame prevents the formation of any corrosive substances that in some circumstances could affect the frame’s surface and the appearance of the glasses.

Lumici Navrhujou


The plastic lenses CR-39 tinted used in our sunglasses conform to the major international safety provisions for UV rays and are designed to block all wavelengths harmful to the eyes below 400 nm (UVA, UVB and UVC). In addition, they are coated multiple times on the inside, are highly break resistant to provide the best possible vision.

Enclosed in your LUME sunglasses case is specific information about the filter category of your lenses. The below table details the different levels of tinted lenses and which light conditions they are suitable for

Category 0
Clear to subtle tint (<20%), weak protection against sunlight
Category 1
Light tint (20-57%), protection against mild sunlight on overcast days
Category 2
Medium tint (57-82%), protection against medium to strong sunlight, normal glare protection in moderate conditions
Category 3
Dark tint (82-92%), protection against strong sunlight, on water surfaces, the beach, mountain regions and regions with stronger light conditions
Category 4
Very dark tint (92-97%), protection against extremely sharp sunlight, in alpine regions and glaciers. Not suitable for driving.

All lenses are unsuitable for looking directly into the sun or driving at night.

If your glasses are fitted with polarised lenses for extended anti-glare protection, please remember that the visibility of LCD displays (for example on your mobile phone, laptop, motor vehicle or airplane instrument panels) may be impaired.

Lens care instruction:

We recommend using the accompanying LUME cleaning cloth or a similar, gentle microfiber cleaning cloth. You remove lipids and moisture without smearing. To remove stronger dirt stains you may use a lens cleaning spray without alcohol. Please moisten the cleaning cloth with the spray and gently wipe the lenses.