Lume started in 2015 as a project focused on an eyewear handcraft and bespoke solutions. The first and second collections led to the nomination at Czech Grand Design as Discovery of the year and Jewelry designer of the year.

After three years of experience and collaborations with opticians, we decided to build new production and bring back handcraft of the eyewear into the Czech Republic through high-tech machinery.

Now we focus on creating the best shapes together with modern production. Lume encourages individuality. We feel that when you find a glasses that is a best fit, you’re more likely to wear it often and less likely to replace it. We are looking for the new possibilities and we always try to bring new inventions. Therefore we are working with universities and new companies that brings revolutionary ideas to the industry.

Our collections is not trying to follow the trends, we are always looking back into the history and combine the traditions with contemporary aesthetics to create modern eyewear.

Creating a better future through design.