Past Future

Past Future is a confrontation of utopian ideas of the past century with the current state of the world. In the 1960s thanks to a space age era and the popular genre of sci-fi, abstract and unachievable universe has changed into a place which human race could begin to conquer and colonize. The continuous progress was an indication of the arrival of artificial intelligence that could cause our end …

The collection of glasses is based on the aesthetics of cult works which tells the story of the distant future that is our presence. Glasses are not just a paraphrase on films about intergalactic wars, time travel or space odyssey. It’s mainly about the use of advanced production technologies and the development of machines, which allow to shift the possibilities of expression and quality of individual glasses.

As with contemporary films, designers have drawn in to the tendency, taken over from industrial designs. Each glasses bear the imprint of current industry software. This creates consistency between the remarkable fantasy of the past and the current minimalistic technicism.

Visionaries are prophets and they define our future. We endeavor to fulfill their dreams and ideas, and we go uncontrollably in time. The past is the future.

design – Aleš Kachlík

photography – Ladislav Kyllar

styling – Aneta Dvořáková, Natalie Kuznětsová

make-up – Iveta Tomášková a Radmila Čukatová

figures – Johana Kasalická, Veronika Čechmánková, Jaroslav Červený, Jiří Žežula and Alima S. (Pure Model)